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PLM Hopper Unloader

Application | PLM modular barge units with bolted on hoppers and conveyor belt.

The length of the pontoon can be increased by adding an extra mid section.

Complete order consists of 6 barges; 2 CAT backhoe barges ; 2 PLM dredging crane barges; 2 hopper and conveyor barges. 

Type | PLM modular barge, hopper and conveyor belt

Capacity | 150 m³; empty in 7 minutes


  • PLM shallow waters thruster system

  • Conveyor belt foldable for transport

  • PLM Spuds

  • Hoppers are fitted with a dewatering system

PLM Specials

Sluisweg 25

4794 SW Heijningen

The Netherlands


T: +31 (0) 167 - 528 510


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